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Unique user portfolio management with products to explore decentralised finance and its innovations

Crypto portfolio management is the skill of using the right tools and right mental models to improve your financial returns from crypto investing.
Applying introspective and becoming a better investor with the help of technology is an overlooked aspect of crypto investing. Altfolio user portfolio management tools will provide these services for defi users, with clear understanding and user service for new users and experts.
Altfolio is a crypto portfolio management app for retail investors. Connects with multiple exchanges, tracks order-books, tokens chart, tracks users portfolio wallets. Also allows users to trade tokens directly, make transfers, track; tokens, growth, pools, performance and settings such as price alerts for their tokens. Altfolio is fast developing on BNBChain with integration options for multi-chains.
Everything in between defi & our favourite altcoins under an application designed for its users to manage their portfolio & tap into innovation in a secure globally accessible way. Explore Altfolio.

Altfolio defi products & users portfolio management tools

Portfolio and Token management

Altfolio’s portfolio management will enable users to manage accounts with wallet portfolio tracker, token alerts, smart defi earning dashboard and token trades including supported peer to peer and fiat options. Token management integration will provide management and users analytics such as token chart tools, token watchlist, token fomo.
Portfolio/ token tracker
Token chart
Token watchlist
Token fomo
Rug screen
Track blockchain users assets and performance.
Integrated token chart with supported multi access for one or more charts at a time, aiding comparison, analysis, price alerts and more.
Keep on radar your favorite or recently added tokens and receive alerts and real time updates.
Get early to every token deployed on BNBChain within the timeframe set. Every new contract and details as they are available, never to miss out.
Check for tokens smart contract security issues identified.

Retail users DeFi products

  • Token Swap

    Trade any supported chain token seamlessly with Altfolio dapp aggregated AMM (automatic market maker) with limit orders and advanced trading service, offering more flexibility and efficiency.
  • Token Transfer and Bridge

    Transfer tokens with Altfolio’s integrated token bridge. Users are able to transfer assets smoothly across chains and on chain.
  • Token Stake

    Users can stake digital assets in provided token pools, tracking performance and management tools with an implemented smart defi dashboard.

Using the Altfolio dApp

  • Made decentralised with web3 connectivity leveraging blockchain technology. Smart contract based.
  • Community friendly: Accessible and supported applications presentation for new and expert defi users.
  • Manage performance and grow digital assets with staking pools services
  • Portfolio management and defi products for defi users, tap into innovations in a secure and globally accessible way.
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